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Australind compensation

Our Australind train is being replaced in 2022/23 as part of a Government election commitment. The new train will replace our existing ageing train as it has become less reliable due to parts availability. The new train will have a modernised interior, with USB connection points, Wi-Fi, an improved kiosk and upright storage for 16 bikes, as well as three toilets.
Unfortunately our Australind service continues to experience significant delays, and in recognition of that we are now giving compensation to passengers when delays exceed 60 minutes.
In the event that your Australind service is delayed over 60 minutes, we will refund the cost of your journey by applying a credit to your Booking Account which will be valid for use for 12 months. You don’t need to apply for the compensation, it will automatically be applied to your account.
You will need to call Transwa to use your credit, see our Terms and Conditions below.
Terms and Conditions: 
  1. Compensation awarded will be a credit amount applied to your Booking Account within five business days, and will be a like-for-like journey of the delayed trip.
  2. The credited trip is valid for 12 months after the date of the delayed service.
  3. To book using the credit, simply call us on 1300 662 205.
  4. The credit is not transferrable to another passenger.
  5. Passengers will be notified by email, SMS or phone call once the credit has been applied to your Booking Account.
  6. The following reasons for delays are not eligible for compensation: 
    • Passenger related delays 
    • Weather/natural event
    • An accident involving a motor vehicle or person
    • Trackworks that prevent the train running to schedule
    • Freight train issues that prevent the train running to schedule
    •  Arc Infrastructure system fault that prevents the train running to schedule
    • Vandalism that prevents the train running to schedule
  7. In the event of a planned Australind disruption, where train replacement coaches are operating, compensation will apply when the road coach is running 60 minutes behind schedule.