N3 Perth to Geraldton
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Catch the coach from Perth to Geraldton

N3 Coach line

East Perth to Geraldton via Northam and Mullewa

Whether you'd prefer to travel along the coast or head inland and around, all of our routes to Geraldton are the scenic route. Pass through the lunar landscape and white sand beaches of Cervantes, Lancelin and Jurien Bay or travel through stunning bushland and historic towns such as Northam and Mullewa. Either way, keep an eye out for the wildflower displays.

Pop in and take a look at the Old Station that was decommissioned and turned into a museum when you visit historic Northam, immerse yourself in stunning wildflowers that grow every spring - amongst which the rare wreath flower blooms in the town of Mullewa before continuing onto Geraldton's shipwrecked coast.


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  • East Perth Terminal
  • Midland Station (Stand No. 1)
  • Mundaring (bus shelter corner Mann Street)
  • Sawyers Valley
  • Northam (Railway Station)
  • Goomalling (Railway Station)
  • Wongan Hills (Railway Station)
  • Ballidu (Ballidu Trading Post)
  • Pithara (Wesfarmers store)
  • Dalwallinu (Railway Station)
  • Wubin (BP Roadhouse)
  • Buntine (Store)
  • Latham (general store)
  • Perenjori (Railway Station)
  • Morawa (Winfield Street car park)
  • Tardun turnoff
  • Mullewa (Swimming pool)
  • Geraldton (Railway Station)

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Mon# Thur# From Perth
East Perth Terminal
7:40 Midland Station (Stand No. 1)
7:56 Mundaring (bus shelter corner Mann Street)
7:59 Sawyers Valley (Puma Roadhouse)
8:50 Northam (Railway Station)
9:24 Goomalling (Railway Station)
10:00 Wongan Hills (Railway Station)
10:28 Ballidu (Ballidu Trading Post)
10:49 Pithara (Wesfarmers store)
10:59 Dalwallinu (Railway Station)
11:15 11:35 Wubin (BP Roadhouse)
11:46 Buntine (store)
Latham (general store)
12:38 Perenjori (Railway Station)
1:10 Morawa (Winfield Street car park)
1:52 Tardun turnoff (1km)*
2:25# 2:35 Mullewa (swimming pool)
3:50 Geraldton (Railway Station)
Tue# Fri# From Geraldton
Geraldton (Railway Station)
12:40 12:45#
Mullewa (swimming pool)
1:14 Tardun turnoff (1km)*
1:56 Morawa (Winfield Street car park)
2:28 Perenjori (Railway Station)
3:00 Latham (opposite general store)
3:20 Buntine (opposite store)
3:31 3:51 Wubin (BP Roadhouse)
4:07 Dalwallinu (Railway Station)
4:17 Pithara (Wesfarmers store)
4:38 Ballidu (Ballidu Trading Post)
5:06 Wongan Hills (Railway Station)
5:42 Goomalling (Railway Station)
6:20 Northam (Railway Station)
7:07 Sawyers Valley (Roadside Stand)
7:10 Mundaring (bus shelter adjacent to Arts Centre)
7:25 Midland Station (Stand No.1)
7:50 East Perth Terminal
Wheelchair accessible toilet facilities available.
Comfort stop.
#Connects at Mullewa with services to/from Meekatharra – see timetable N4.
*(km) Kilometres from townsite.

Amendments may apply on public holidays and during school holidays. Road coaches will only stop at other authorised stopping points if pre-booked.

Passengers are advised be ready to board 15 minutes prior to departure.


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