Conditions of Travel

Conditions of Travel 


Transwa Tickets

  • Transwa tickets are valid only for use by the person/s named on the ticket, and are not transferable.
  • Transwa tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions of travel as set out here ("Conditions"), and subject to the Government Railways Act 1904, By-Laws, Regulations, Public Transport Authority Act 2003 and Regulations.
  • Acceptance of a Transwa ticket confirms acceptance of the travel details and these Conditions. 
  • The issuer of a Transwa ticket is not liable to the purchaser or the holder in the event of the loss of or theft of the ticket, or if it is honoured when presented by a person other than the person/s named on the ticket. 


Transwa Passengers

  • Holders of tickets issued at concessional fares must produce a valid concession card upon request and when travelling on Public Transport Authority services.
  • A passenger and/or their luggage may be subject to a search or inspection by a Police Officer or an authorised Public Transport Authority officer at any facility or on any service.
  • For safety reasons, Transwa reserves the right to require children under 10 years of age to travel accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children aged between 10 and 15 years of age inclusive who are travelling unaccompanied require a completed and signed Travel Authorisation for Unaccompanied Child/Children form. This requirement does not apply if the child/children are travelling within the East Perth/Midland to Northam Exclusion Zone on a Transwa rail service, unless such travel is part of a journey on a connecting Transwa service.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply to the carriage of unaccompanied children and these are shown on the reverse of the Travel Authorisation for Unaccompanied Child/Children form. 
  • An adult aged 16 years or older is permitted to travel with a maximum of two children aged 4 years or under.
  • Smoking including the use of E-Cigarettes is illegal on all Transwa services. The consumption of personal alcohol is strictly prohibited on all Transwa services.
  • Transwa reserves the right to refuse travel to passengers who are inappropriately dressed, not wearing suitable footwear, or are considered offensive, intoxicated or disruptive. In all cases Transwa is not liable for any loss, delay or compensation.


Transwa Services

  • Transwa may, without liability, cancel in whole or in part any service shown in the published timetables, or vary the stopping location at which the service will pick up or set down passengers, or vary the nominated mode of transport for the journey.
  • Transwa is not liable to the ticket holder for loss, damage or delay caused by or arising from the failure of Transwa to give a ticket holder notice of the withdrawal, variation or cancellation of any service.
  • Transwa is not liable for any consequence arising out of or from any cancellation, variation in the time of arrival at or departure from any station or stop, of any service.
  • The purchase of on board tickets, food, refreshments or other buffet items on Transwa services are available, with cash only on any road service and on the AvonLink and MerredinLink. EFTPOS is available on the Prospector and Australind services.



  • The exclusions of liability set out in these Conditions apply to and are to be of benefit to the agents, employees and representatives of Transwa and any carrier whose vehicle or train is used by Transwa for carriage, and the agents, employees and representatives of such carrier.
  • Transwa is under no obligation or liability whatsoever to any person as a result of inaccuracy or error contained in any travel document; change in any ticket price; or withdrawal of or failure to provide any service set out in such travel document.


  • A cancellation fee of 10% (minimum $2.00) will be charged for bookings cancelled in whole or in part (fees may apply to each individual Booking Reference).
  • Amendments to bookings, such as to Locations, Passenger Types or Number of Passengers, may result in cancellation fees being applied.

  • To be eligible for a refund of a paid fare (less any cancellation fee) the ticket holder must cancel the booking prior to the scheduled departure time of the service from its point of origin.
  • Refunds can only be made where the original ticket is returned to Transwa or their agent within 12 months of purchase. 


  • For the comfort and safety of all passengers, staff and contractors, limitations apply as to the quantity, size, weight, shape and nature of the luggage that can be transported on Transwa services.
  • The luggage allowance per seated passenger is one (1) piece of stowed luggage not exceeding 20 kilograms and one (1) piece of carry-on luggage, not exceeding 7 kilograms (restrictions apply to the carriage of some items including bicycles and surfboards). A piece of luggage that exceeds 15 kilograms must have a heavy luggage label attached. Labels can be provided by Transwa.
  • Luggage must be packaged in a suitable container (e.g. suitcase or backpack), secured and clearly labelled with the passenger’s name, contact telephone number and destination.
  • Passengers are obliged to load and unload their luggage as and when required, and to take all reasonable care in the protection of their luggage, including the collection of the luggage as soon as it is available.
  • One additional item of luggage including golf clubs, bicycles, surfboards and body-boards may be accepted on some services (for a fee) if space permits (refer to for further details). Surfboards and body-boards must not exceed two (2) metres.
  • Windsurfing boards, surf skis, kayaks, surfboards or other items exceeding 2 metres in length cannot be carried on Transwa services.
  • In addition, Transwa cannot carry dangerous goods (including fuel, oil, solvents, acids, chemicals, radioactive material, explosives, knives, firearms, ammunition or other weapons); all gas cylinders including diving tanks and compressed gases (excluding medical oxygen); containers or eskies containing perishable foods (sealed or unsealed); or unpackaged electrical goods; plants, birds, fish or animals (excluding Service Dogs).
  • Unaccompanied luggage or freight will not be accepted.
  • Luggage is carried on Transwa services at the passenger’s own risk and Transwa and its contractors shall not be liable for the loss of, damage to, or delay in delivery of such luggage or its contents. It is recommended passengers consider travel insurance to cover their luggage and contents during their journey.
  • Lost or damaged luggage should be reported to Transwa in writing within seven (7) days from the date of the journey.
  • Where an item of luggage is lost or damaged and liability is accepted by Transwa, such liability shall in all cases be limited to a maximum of $200.