GE1 Perth to Esperance
Coastal scenery in Esperance

Catch the coach from Perth to Esperance

GE1 Coach line

East Perth to Esperance via Jerramungup and Dumbleyung

Follow the more trodden path or experience the true outback. Travel through farming country or explore the ancient rock features WA has to offer. Both of our routes to Esperance offer an insight into Australian outback culture, life and pioneering history.


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  • East Perth Terminal
  • Armadale Station
  • North Bannister (Roadhouse)
  • Crossman (road side stand)
  • Williams (Caltex Roadhouse)
  • Narrogin (Earl Street bus stop)
  • Wagin (Railway Station bus shelter)
  • Woodanilling (Shire office)
  • Katanning (Austral Terrace coach stop)
  • Broomehill (opposite Hotel)
  • Gnowangerup (Ampol Roadhouse)
  • Ongerup (Roadhouse)
  • Jerramungup (Lions Park)
  • Dumbleyung (Caltex Roadhouse)
  • Kukerin turnoff
  • Lake Grace (Liberty Roadhouse)
  • Newdegate (Post Office)
  • Lake King (Tavern)
  • Ravensthorpe (BP Roadhouse)
  • Munglinup (Roadhouse)
  • Esperance (Dempster Street bus shelter)

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EP7 EP1  
Mon Wed Fri From Perth
East Perth Terminal
8:49 8:49 Armadale Station
9:37 9:37 North Bannister (Roadhouse)
9:56 9:56 Crossman (road side stand)
10:25 10:35 10:25 10:35 Williams (Caltex Roadhouse)
11:00 11:00 Narrogin (Earl Street bus stop)
11:33 11:33 Wagin (Railway Station bus shelter)
11:53 Woodanilling (Shire office)

Katanning (Austral Terrace coach stop)
12:31 Broomehill (opposite Hotel)
12:59 1:19

Gnowangerup (Ampol Roadhouse)
1:57 Ongerup (Roadhouse)
2:26 Jerramungup (Lions Park)

12:00 12:20
Dumbleyung (Caltex Roadhouse)
12:46 Kukerin turnoff (3km)*
1:19 Lake Grace (Liberty Roadhouse)
1:57 Newdegate (Post Office)
2:40 Lake King (Tavern)
3:45 4:05 3:31 3:51 Ravensthorpe (BP Roadhouse)
5:03 4:48 Munglinup (Roadhouse)
6:15 6:00 Esperance (Dempster Street bus shelter)
EP2 EP8  
Mon Wed# Fri Sat# From Esperance
Esperance (Dempster Street bus shelter)
9:12 9:12 Munglinup (Roadhouse)
10:10 10:25 10:10 10:25 Ravensthorpe (BP Roadhouse)
11:17 Lake King (Tavern)

Newdegate (Post Office)
12:39 12:59

Lake Grace (Liberty Roadhouse)
1:34 Kukerin turnoff (3km)*
2:00 Dumbleyung (Caltex Roadhouse)
11:48 Jerramungup (Lions Park)

Ongerup (Roadhouse)

12:59 1:19 Gnowangerup (Ampol Roadhouse)
1:47# Broomehill (Hotel)
2:08 Katanning (Austral Terrace coach stop)
2:27 Woodanilling (Shire office)
2:27# 2:50 Wagin (Railway Station bus shelter)
3:05 3:28 Narrogin (Earl Street bus stop)
3:26 3:46 3:53 4:13 Williams (Caltex Roadhouse)
4:14 4:39 Crossman (road side stand)
4:33 4:58 North Bannister (Roadhouse)
5:25 5:47 Armadale Station
6:10 6:30 East Perth Terminal
Wheelchair accessible toilet facilities available.
Comfort stop.
Road coach services will only divert to Woodanilling if advance bookings are made.
*(km) Kilometres from townsite.
Connects with road coach from Albany (see timetable GS2; Monday at Katanning; Friday at Wagin)
#Connects with road coach to Albany (see timetable GS2; Wednesday at Wagin; Saturday at Broomehill)

Amendments may apply on public holidays and during school holidays. Road coaches will only stop at other authorised stopping points if pre-booked.

Passengers are advised be ready to board 15 minutes prior to departure.


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