GE4 Albany to Hopetoun
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Albany to Hopetoun via Ravensthorpe

300km east of Albany, about halfway to Esperance, lies Hopetoun. A town of scientific importance, its rocks hold information and data dating back to Australia's split from Antarctica. It's also the ideal point from which to explore the Fitzgerald River National Park. Along the road, you'll pass Two People's Bay, a turquoise blue beach surrounded by huge granite boulders and white sand, and The Stirling Range National Park, home to Bluff Knoll, the highest mountain peak in the south of Western Australia.


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  • Albany (Railway Station)
  • Manypeaks (Roadside Stand)
  • Wellstead (general store)
  • Boxwood Hill (Roadhouse)
  • Gairdner
  • Jerramungup (Lions Park)
  • Fitzgerald Turnoff (Roadside Stand)
  • Ravensthorpe (BP Roadhouse)
  • Hopetoun (general store)
  • Munglinup (Roadhouse)
  • Esperance (Dempster Street bus shelter)

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543 EP1  
Wed Wed From Albany
  Albany Station
  Manypeaks (Roadside Stand)
12:55   Wellstead (general store)
1:15   Boxwood Hill (Roadhouse)
1:34   Gairdner
2:05 2:25   Jerramungup (Lions Park)
3:04   Fitzgerald Turnoff (Roadside Stand)

3:45 3:50
3:31 3:51
Ravensthorpe (BP Roadhouse)
4:25 Hopetoun (general store)
  4:48 Munglinup (Roadhouse)
  6:00 Esperance (Dempster Street bus shelter)
544 EP4  
Thur Thur From Esperance
Esperance (Dempster Street bus shelter)
  9:12 Munglinup (Roadhouse)
Hopetoun (general store)
10:20 10:25 10:10 10:25 Ravensthorpe (BP Roadhouse) ¤
11:10   Fitzgerald Turnoff (Roadside Stand)
11:45 PM
  Jerramungup (Lions Park)
12:36   Gairdner
12:55   Boxwood Hill (Roadhouse)
1:15   Wallstead (general store)
1:54   Manypeaks (Roadside Stand)
2:25   Albany (Railway Station)
Wheelchair accessible toilet facilities available.
Comfort stop.
Passengers travelling from Albany to Esperance change coach at Ravensthorpe and board the Perth to Esperance coach EP1 (see timetable GE1).
¤Passengers travelling from Esperance to Albany change coach at Ravensthorpe and board the Esperance to Perth coach EP4, and change at Ravensthorpe and board coach 544 to Albany (see timetable GE2).

Amendments may apply on public holidays and during school holidays. Road coaches will only stop at other authorised stopping points if pre-booked.

Passengers are advised be ready to board 15 minutes prior to departure.


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