Station/Stop - Pemberton
old steamtrain and station in Pemberton


The premier cool-climate wine region of Australia.

Called "Wandergarup", meaning 'plenty of water', in the native tongue, Pemberton was settled by Europeans in 1861. 324.2 km south of Perth the town supplied half a million railway sleepers to the Trans-Australian Railway in the early 1900s, practically building the state’s rail system. After World War I the area became a key focus of the Group Settlement Scheme and, following the Second World War, the War Service Land Settlement Scheme.


During the 1980s the surrounding lush forests and stunning national parks began to draw tourists to the town. The famous climbable trees, Bibbulmun Track, Yeagarup Dunes, premier wineries and a plethora of outdoor adventure activities continue to make it a popular tourist destination today.


Transwa coach services alight at the Pemberton Visitor Centre in the heart of town.



SW1 East Perth to Augusta and Pemberton via Bunbury and Augusta

SW2 East Perth to Pemberton via Bunbury and Donnybrook

SW3 East Perth to Pemberton via Bunbury and Collie/Boyup Brook/Bridgetown



Visitor Centre