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Pensioner Free Travel

From January 2020, Transwa will manage annual Pensioner Free Travel entitlements digitally for WA Pensioner Concession Cardholders. Your travel entitlements will be the same however Centrelink and the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) will no longer send WA Free Trip Vouchers with new concession card(s). To ensure you are ready for travel in 2020 register with Transwa now. Bookings for travel in 2020 commence from 3rd October 2019. 

Transwa will need your concession details to confirm your entitlements before you book and travel. To help us please send copies of both sides of your Centrelink or DVA Pensioner Concession and/or DVA Gold Health cards when you register. 

  • Complete our online registration and submit it along with scanned copies of both sides of your valid concession card(s).
  • Download and complete the Registration Form and post or email along with copies of your valid concession card(s). See below for details:

Post forms to:
Reply Paid 85335
Locked Bag 7

Email forms to

Do you want to know more? 
See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below or call our helpful team on 1300 662 205

 Register Online

Register Online

 How to Book

How to book


Once registered with Transwa your concessional travel on Transwa rail and road coach services can be booked in a number of ways: 

Ensure you have your Concession Card or Centrelink Digital Wallet with you when you book and when you travel. 

Western Australian residents living above the 26th parallel should contact Department of Transport for details on their free travel entitlements. 




I have a Pensioner Concession Card from Department of Human Services (DHS) / Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA). What am I entitled to?

Once registered and your concession has been validated, you may take one free return or two free single trips on Transwa services each calendar year (from 2020).

I have a Gold Health Card from Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA). What am I entitled to?

Once registered and your concession has been validated, you may take two free return or four free single trips on Transwa services each calendar year (from 2020). 

How do I register for Pensioner Free Travel and get my concession validated?

Complete the online registration form and attach an image of the front side of your concession card(s) that display both address and card number.

Alternatively download and print the Registration Form, complete and send to Transwa with a photocopy of the front side of your concession card(s) that display both address and card number.

What do I do if I have a digital wallet instead of a concession card?

A digital wallet allows you to have your concession or health card with you everywhere you take your smart device. Transwa accepts either the physical card or your digital wallet as evidence of your valid concession.

When registering we ask for a photocopy or scan of your card(s). You can also screenshot both sides of your digital wallet and send us the images with your online registration form. 

Why do I need to give Transwa consent to access my concession records held by Centrelink?

We need your consent to enable the Australian Government Department of Human Services (Centrelink) to confirm the concession details you provide to the Public Transport Authority of WA (Transwa) when you register with us. The consent you give remains valid with Transwa unless you withdraw your consent by contacting us. 

How do I book my Pensioner Free Travel?

There are a number of ways to book your Pensioner Free Travel with Transwa once you have registered. Have your concession card/digital wallet handy and:

What do I do if my travel plans change?

We know plans often change. To cancel or re-schedule your trip, call us on 1300 662 205 prior to the scheduled departure of the first leg of your journey and we will re-book or arrange for your Pensioner Free Travel entitlement to be reinstated. 

Can I still use my WA Free Trip Vouchers from Centrelink or DVA if I have not registered with Transwa? 

From 2020 you must be registered with Transwa to receive Pensioner Free Travel on Transwa services. Transwa will calculate your travel entitlement each calendar year and you will not need to provide a paper voucher. 

Can I still receive a concession fare after I have used my free travel entitlements?

In addition to Pensioner Free Travel, WA Pensioner Concession cardholders and WA Gold Health cardholders can claim 50% concession on Transwa services. 

Am I entitled to other travel entitlements if I live in the north of Western Australia? 

If you live north of the 26th parallel in Western Australia and hold a Pensioner Concession Card or DVA Gold Health Card you may be entitled to other free travel options. Contact the Department of Transport for more details. 

Do I need travel insurance? 

Travel involves many risks and our liability to you may be limited in certain circumstances. We strongly suggest that you protect yourself by purchasing comprehensive travel insurance cover for (without limitation) loss of booking due to delays or cancellations, damage or loss to personal baggage and other items, personal liability, death, personal injury and medical costs. We do not sell or endorse any specific travel insurance products.