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Prepare for your journey

Buying your tickets

Bookings are essential for travel on all our services (except AvonLink services) and can be made up to three months in advance.

You can buy tickets online, over the phone or in person at either a Transwa booking centre or accredited ticketing agent.

On the day

If you don’t have luggage to check in, please make sure you’re at the station or stop at least 15 minutes before the train or Road Coach is due to leave.

If you do have luggage to check-in, please get there at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Make sure your bag is labelled clearly with your name, phone number and destination. Then, simply put your luggage in the designated area so it will be loaded onto the coach or train.

For all Transwa stopping locations click here

Got luggage?

Every Transwa passenger is allowed:

  • One item of hand luggage (weighing up to 7kg); and
  • One item of luggage (weighing up to 20kg).

If space permits, you're allowed a maximum of one additional luggage item, with a fee payable for each item. 

Please tag luggage weighing over 15kg with a Heavy Luggage label. For safety reasons, luggage weighing more than 20kg will need to be separated into two separate bags, noting that the second bag with be charged the applicable fee.

A complete breakdown of what can and can’t be taken on Transwa, including rules for transporting surfboards, bicycles and golf clubs, can be found here.


The Australind and Prospector trains have snacks and refreshments for purchase on board (cash only on the Prospector).

If you’re travelling on the AvonLink/MerredinLink or a road coach you will need to bring your own refreshments with you. Road coach services take short stops throughout the journey where there may be the option to purchase food and drink.