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On Time Performance

Transwa has a number of non-financial performance indicators that are a measurement of how our services operate, what customers perceive the service level to be and whether our services run within set time parameters.

According to an independent survey which measured customer satisfaction, service reliability is regarded as one of the most significant characteristics of a quality service. Service reliability is essentially a combination of two main factors, punctuality and consistency.
Service punctuality is one of the most significant characteristics of a quality service. Transwa monitors service punctuality and reviews the reasons for delays as part of the overall aim to achieve customer satisfaction and improve service reliability and performance.

Punctuality is measured as a percentage of services that arrive at their destination within a defined period of the scheduled arrival time. Where a service arrives within these parameters it is considered an “on-time arrival”. Transwa has aligned these parameters to Australian and international benchmarks and these standards are as follows:

Service Benchmark
Prospector 15 minutes
Australind 10 minutes
AvonLink 10 minutes
MerredinLink 10 minutes
Road Coaches 10 minutes
A number of factors can affect Transwa’s ability to meet its on-time running standards including:
  • Track closures due to maintenance or train failures;
  • Signal faults;
  • Track speed restrictions;
  • Severe weather conditions; and
  • Crossing of trains with other track users.
Where these factors have had a significant impact on the on-time performance of Transwa services, they are identified in the Public Transport Authority’s Annual Report.

On-time performance statistics for all Transwa services are provided as follows:

Service Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
  Jul - Sep 2017 Oct - Dec 2017 Jan - Mar 2018 Apr - Jun 2018
Prospector 50.64% 52.00% 53.54% 41.30%
Australind 89.62% 72.97% 72.31% 77.81%
AvonLink 99.25% 96.77% 93.99% 99.19%
MerredinLink 67.11% 63.89% 78.13% 93.06%
Road Coaches 97.23% 97.37% 97.06% 96.50%

The on-time performance statistics for the previous five years are provided as follows:

Service 2013/2014   2014/2015 2015/2016 2016/2017 2017/2018
Prospector 81%   64% 48% 34% 49%
Australind 92% 92% 94% 87% 79%
AvonLink 98% 96% 83% 70% 97%
MerredinLink 90% 94% 62% 52% 75%
Road Coaches 97% 97% 98% 97% 97%

Annual Passenger Satisfaction Monitor

We also conduct annual passenger surveys:

Year Download PDF
2018 Transwa Passenger Satisfaction Monitor 2018