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Here’s what you can bring on board...hand luggage

Hand luggage

You can take one item of hand luggage with you, weighing up to 7kgs. It must fit in the overhead
storage compartment, so should be no bigger than a small backpack or travel bag.

Carry on luggage


Each passenger is allowed one item of luggage weighing no more than 20kg. If you want to take more, and space permits, you’re allowed a maximum of one additional item, with a $15 fee payable.

All luggage must be packed properly and sealed. That means contained in:

  • Suitcases;
  • Overnight bags;
  • Backpacks;
  • Eskies (not to contain perishable food items); and
  • Other substantial carry bags (sealed).

Heavy Luggage

If your luggage weighs over 15kg it can be carried on any service. It will need a Heavy Luggage label attached that clearly shows the weight of the bag, these are available form the luggage label stand at booking centres. 

For safety reasons, luggage weighing more than 20kg will need to be separated into two separate bags, noting that the second bag will be charged the applicable fee. 


Bikes can be carried on road coach services and Australind*, AvonLink and MerredinLink train services. You'll need to pre-book and pay an extra $15 per bike.

Please note that space restrictions mean only two fold-up bikes can be taken onboard each Prospector train services - and only when contained in an approved carry bag which should be no more than 79cm long x 59cm high x 36cm wide. Standard bikes cannot be taken onboard the Prospector. 

A bicycle is defined as having no obtrusive features such as flags, saddlebags, trainers or similar that is powered by pedal power using pedals, chain and belt, and is not supported by any motor. A bicycle does not include tandems/and or tricycles. 

*You can only load and unload your bike at Perth and Bunbury Station if you're travelling on the Australind. 


If there's room available, and for an extra $15 fee, packaged surfboards shorter than 2m can be carried on the Australind, AvonLink and MerredinLink train services and on all road coach services.

If you’re travelling on the Australind, you can only load and unload your board at Perth and Bunbury stations. 

Golf clubs

Golf bags can be carried on Prospector and road coach services. You'll need to pre-book and pay an extra $15 per standard bag. They will then be stored at either ends of the carriage.  


...and here's what you can't.

All services

  • Perishable foods
  • Flora and fauna - no live plants, livestock or pets (other than guide dogs). Flower arrangements can only be carried as personal carry-on luggage
  • Dangerous goods - any fuels, oils, solvents, ammunition, firearms, acids, radioactive material or chemicals or explosives;
  • Windsurfing boards, surf-skis and kayaks
  • All gas cylinders including diving tanks (this does not include medical oxygen for personal on board use)
  • Large electrical items; and
  • Small machinery - no fuels or oils.

            Birds and animals    Food that doesn't keep    Surfboards not over 2m long

Please note:

Transwa accepts no liability for items such as cameras, electrical goods, jewellery, money, tools, bicycles, surfboards, golf clubs or any other luggage that is fragile or not suitably packaged or labelled.

Additionally, no luggage storage facilities are available at Transwa stations or pick-up points.